Biodynamic Research Conference

par Vincent Masson

Implementation and results of the biodynamic preparation prepared 500 (500P).

Research question
Does the application of biodynamic preparations and in particular prepared 500 (500P) bring a visible and measurable change in soil functioning?

Research method(s)
Implementation of field trials under real conditions (agricultural) comparing biodynamic practices to bi- ological controls. Evaluation of differences with the spade test (observation of soil colour and structure, root systems, water management in the soil), supple- mented by classical analyses (organic matter, pH), and a dosage of microbial biomass and available nutrients, observation of the plant over the season.

Visual and analytical results confirm the rapid evo- lution of soils that received the biodynamic prepara- tion 500P. They are clearly differentiated by a darker colour, a more aerated and crumbly structure. The analyses show very high levels of organic matter and of various nutrients compared to organic controls.

Changes due to biodynamic practices are visible and measurable within a few weeks or months and lead to more in-depth scientific follow-up in partnership with French, German and Swiss research organizations (INRA, Hepia, University of Kassel).

Conference – Dornach

Septembre 2018